Artist Statement

  As an abstract painter my work explores the structure and physical components of painting. Referencing the concept of painting as object I consider the frame, surface, material and edges of the work within its subject.


I describe my paintings as being like a visual conversation. Painted forms are consciously placed to inform, impact, transform and subvert each other as in a discussion or dialogue. In this age of open debate and discussion, of engagement and challenging of perceptions and social constructs, my paintings are an attempt to rationalise what I perceive. 

The physicality of the painted frame and the expression of the media is an inherent part of the composition; as is the intention to play with a viewer’s reading of each painting through the building up of a composition that can reveal and suggest or mislead and falsify the apparent visual structure. 


William Norman is an artist and teacher of Art & Design. He  graduated in 2002 with Fine Art degree from Sheffield Hallam University before moving to Bristol. William took part in a number of exhibitions in Bristol between 2002 and 2005 before completing a PGCE in secondary school teaching. In 2017 he completed a Masters in Creative Practice at Leeds Arts University.